The 125th Anniversary

In 2005, to celebrate the founding of the Hamburg Steinway factory 125 years earlier, Count Albrecht von Goertz designed a special anniversary grand piano, an instrument notable for its elegant simplicity. Count Goertz is the legendary designer of the BMW 507, considered by many to be the world’s most beautiful sports car. True to his design principles, Count Goertz, chose to retain the classic Steinway black finish, focusing instead on endowing various components with the sleek lines for which he is renowned. The result was a timeless design with a hint of sensuality. Not one to tamper with the perfection of the Steinway’s iconic shape, Count Goertz decided to accentuate the finish, creating a dynamic interplay between contrasting satin and highly polished surfaces. By focusing on the essentials, Count Goertz’s 125th Anniversary Limited Edition Grand Piano, this very special Model A-188, is remarkably elegant and beautiful.