Chinese New Year Sales Event

Celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dog with Great Savings on Steinway Pianos

Piano Planet is pleased to invite you to celebrate the Chinese New Year with extraordinary savings on Steinway and Steinway-designed pianos. To commemorate China’s historic appreciation for art and music, Steinway & Sons is offering a special savings event on the world’s finest pianos.
Piano Planet 荣幸地邀请您一同庆祝中国新年-现购买施坦威钢琴或其家族产品更有特别优惠! 为纪念中国对于艺术和音乐一直以来的欣赏与贡献,施坦威特别举行中国新年促销活动,最大限度帮您省, 购买世界上最好的钢琴。
Now until February 28, 2018
560 N Nimitz Hwy Ste 115A
Honolulu, HI 96817

This is a once-in-a-lifetime sales event offering significant savings on all Steinway and Steinway-designed Boston and Essex pianos direct from the factory. Now is the perfect time to make your dream of owning the world’s finest piano come true.
这个千载难逢的促销活动由施坦威工厂官方发起,最大限度帮您节省开支, 从而购买施坦威和其设计的波士顿、艾塞尔斯钢琴。 现在是让您拥有世界上最好的钢琴的这个梦想, 梦想成真的完美时刻。

Appointments are recommended to ensure best selection. Please contact us today at or (808) 537-5501.
我们推荐您提前预约,以确保最佳选择。 您可以发邮件到 或请致电我 (808) 537-5501.

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