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Kawai – Grand – GX-6

The GX-6 BLAK combines exquisite tone with stunning beauty to offer an instrument befitting the finest concert hall or professional studio. Length: 7'0" (214cm) Width: 5'2" (154cm) Height: 3'4" (102cm) Weight: 840 lbs. (382kg) Finishes: Polished Ebony, Satin Ebony   SPECIAL FEATURES: Kawai's Exclusive Millennium III Action – Featuring ABS-Carbon Technology with Carbon Fiber Exclusive [...]

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Kawai – Grand – DX-5

The GX-5 BLAK is the artist’s “grand for all seasons." With resplendent tone and superb power, it adapts to an exceptional range of musical requirements and performance venues. Length: 6'7" (200cm) Width: 5'1" (153cm) Height: 3'4" (102cm) Weight: 772 lbs. (351kg) Finishes: Polished Ebony, Satin Ebony   SPECIAL FEATURES: Kawai's Exclusive Millennium III Action – [...]

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Kawai – Grand – GX-3

The GX-3 BLAK impresses with a dignified elegance and distinctive tone evoking the qualities of a much larger grand. With outstanding tone and touch in a versatile size, it is a preferred choice of professionals. Length: 6'2" (188cm) Width: 5'1" (153cm) Height: 3'4" (102cm) Weight: 734 lbs. (334kg) Finishes: Polished Ebony, Satin Ebony   SPECIAL [...]

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Kawai – Grand – GX-2

The GX-2 BLAK combines the stately presence of a classic grand with an exquisite clarity of tone unmatched by other pianos in its class. With a rich history of international acclaim, the GX-2 is the popular choice for homes, schools, churches and teaching studios. Length: 5'11" (180cm) Width: 5'1" (153cm) Height: 3'4" (102cm) Weight: 712 [...]

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Kawai – Grand – GX-1

The GX-1 BLAK offers the professional pianist a superb range of tonal expressiveness and a level of elegance and craftsmanship that is unsurpassed for a piano of its size. Length: 5''5" (166cm) Width: 5'0" (150cm) Height: 3'4" (102cm) Weight: 690 lbs. (314kg) Finishes: Polished Ebony, Satin Ebony, Polished Snow White, Polished Dark Walnut   SPECIAL [...]

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Kawai – Upright – K-15

The K-15 provides an excellent introduction to Kawai upright piano quality. Featuring a solid spruce soundboard and the highly regarded Ultra-Responsive™ action with ABS parts, this continental-style instrument produces a rich, clear tone with performance qualities to rival much larger upright pianos. Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow Action Exclusive ABS Styran Action Parts Solid Spruce Soundboard Hard [...]

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Kawai – Upright – 506N

The Kawai 506 was specially designed to meet the needs of those who require high quality and durability in an instrument... without a premium price tag. The 506 embodies three fundamental elements of a fine piano—an exceptional soundboard made of solid spruce, a durable back assembly with 5 sturdy back posts, and our exclusive Ultra-Responsive [...]

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Kawai – Upright – UST-9

With its unmatched combination of durable construction and exceptional playability, the UST-9 outperforms every instrument in its class. Our master craftsmen designed it to exceed the most demanding institutional requirements. But the UST-9 goes far beyond every standard by offering the world's most advanced upright piano action and design enhancements that set it apart from [...]

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Kawai – Upright – Designer Studio

The 907 Designer Studio Pianos offer the discerning pianist the best of both worlds... magnificent styling and extraordinary performance. With regal designs and graceful nuances, they are true objets d'art that add a wealth of beauty and style to any home. Millennium II Action™ with Carbon Fiber Exceptionally Large Soundboard Area Longer Keysticks Exotic Wood [...]

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Kawai – Upright – Designer Console

The 607 Designer Console Pianos offer the discerning pianist superb craftsmanship, exceptionaltone, long-term tuning stability, and the most precise piano action in the world. We invite you to experience the 607 Series Designer Console Pianos and see why they are considered an ideal blend of beauty and performance. Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow Action Exclusive ABS Styran [...]

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